Information for Wwoofers wishing to volunteer at Pwllyn Brwnt Farm, Brecon.


Our farm is 37 acres in total in the Brecon Beacons, it is very beautiful, but it is also very wild and exposed and the weather can be challenging – even in the summer months – so be prepared with warm/waterproof clothing and footwear.  The farm is on the edge of a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) – which makes it a haven for birds during the summer months.  There is direct access to miles of beautiful walking country – which can range from very easy to long and challenging.  At least two of our dogs will happily accompany visitors on walks.

Accommodation will be in one of our three caravans, the two larger caravans have heating, hot and cold water and electricity – but if you are in the caravan near the veg field you do need to pop over to the house to use the loo, which is about a one minute walk away from the caravan.  The smaller caravan (for short stays, if the other two have other wwoofers in them) is purely for sleeping and relaxing in!

Some meals will probably be self-catering, which you can cook in the caravans, and others will be shared, which will be cooked in the kitchen of our house – help with preparing and cooking food and tidying up afterwards is really appreciated.  All shared meals will be vegetarian – but if you do want to cook some meat in the caravan that is OK – we will source it from a local farmer who takes good care of his animals and raises them in non-intensive conditions.  We are happy to provide meat for meals once or twice a week for those who eat meat.

The main work that we do on the farm is vegetable growing, using raised beds, polytunnels and field scale techniques.  For two and a half days a week we are busy packing and delivering veg boxes – the rest of the time is split between general farm work, animal care and veg growing work.

We would hope that we could expect between 5 and 6 hours assistance each day, Tasks will range from weeding, seed sowing, planting things out, weeding, ground preparation and weeding (and maybe more weeding!) and tidying, to cleaning the chicken sheds and horse barns, maybe some feeding.

We are very animal orientated here – we have horses, cows, sheep, chickens, a cat and five dogs – the dogs live in the house and feature highly in almost every activity – so it is important that you like dogs and are comfortable around them, otherwise I would say this is probably not the right place to come.  I am also doing a Masters degree in animal behaviour at university, so part of my day will be spent either reading and studying, or training the dogs or horses.  We are also hoping to work towards being able to use a pony to assist with farm work – see the ‘saddle chariots' page for more details of that project. 

At some point in the day we will stop for a snack, such as soup or a sandwich (but it's always a good idea to have a good breakfast before you start working, as eating can be a bit random here).  Then the main meal will be in the evening – depending on activities either shared or self-catering.  Work (for wwoofers) would normally finish around 4.30 to 5 – for us it can go on until much later.  Again, you can then have the evenings to relax, walk, etc.  We try to make sure that wwoofers get one complete day off per week.

As we grow on two sites, on some days we will travel to our colleague's field and work over there – he is a chef, so the eating there is usually very good!

I would say that to enjoy coming to our farm a person should like animals, open spaces and be interested in growing plants.  We are not within walking distance of a town or shops – even catching a bus is a major expedition.  Because we are busy with limited spare time – very limited for me, as so much of my time is spent training animals and studying for my course – I would say that you have to be quite comfortable with your own company for a good part of the day – although we try to make sure that one of us is available to work with you for most days, and we are always happy to try to answer questions and pass on information if we can.  We frequently have more than one wwoofer here at any given time.

We hope that this has given you a little glimpse of life here, and answered some of your questions.  If you would like any more information, or are interested in wwoofing here, please send us an e-mail

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